Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This would be an INTERESTING place to stay for Halloween.  This 5 story hotel is located in Da Lat, Vietnam.  The architect was Dang Viet Nga, and dang, this is a unique hotel!  It opened to the public in 1990, and supposedly the cost to stay per night is $29 to $63, however reviewers say that it's an AWESOME place to visit, but not a place that they would spend the night.  Apparently, the rooms are dirty and in grave need of a visit by Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell.  However, each of the ten guest rooms has an animal theme, with a fireplace in the belly of a kangaroo, or a fireplace in a giant eagle's egg, or the glowing red eyes of a tiger on the wall.  One may also stay in a bear, giraffe, or frog room, however, I have to wonder who would choose the spider room with spider webs.  People have said that the bizarre building reminded them of Salvador Dali or something out of Alice in Wonderland. The hallways (pictured below) were designed to look like caves, and some people have compared the outside to that of a large banyan tree.  It is pretty easy to see how this unique hotel made the list for the top ten most bizarre hotels!

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