Thursday, February 11, 2016


(Top view with drizzled olive oil & balsamic reduction )
Shave the cucumber with a mandolin slicer, discarding the first shave (outer peel).
Shave two lengths of the cucumber, approx 1/8th" thick.
Form a ring, by overlapping the pieces.
Secure with a baby carrot that you partially sliced (so it is like a "close pin").
Cover the baby carrot(s) with the lettuce and other inside salad ingredients.
I used red leaf lettuce, including it's green pieces, miniature sweet yellow bell pepper  (julienned) shaved baby carrots (on the mandolin slicer), grape tomatoes, olive oil and a balsamic reduction.

For the rose, I cut a slice of a red onion.
Discarded the outer rings, and adjusted the inner rings.

If you repost this or make a video, please give me credit for the onion rose.
Thank you!

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