Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade

  If you've forgotten how refreshing it is, let me refresh your memory.  :D

3 cups of cold water

 1 cup of hand squeezed lemon juice (It's worth it.)

1/2 cup sugar


easy to remember:

"3 to 1 ratio, with a half cup sugar"

So Simple, So Worth it, So Refreshing

So, Enjoy!

Make it even more refreshing.
Add ice & blend a slushy.
Add berries,
 for an AWESOME


You may find this INTERESTING:
The lemon that you see on the left, above, resembles a Lumia, 
also known as a Pear Lemon, which can grow shockingly large.  
They are a "curious lot." 
They are citron hybrids that are composed of citron & pomelo.
However, a Lumia has a VERY thick skin & not much pulp or juice at all.

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