Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Have you ever heard of Katherine Johnson? 


That is EXACTLY why they made the movie


SHE was the one who figured out the mathematical trajectory that successfully sent astronaut JOHN GLENN into orbit.


It was about to end up like all of the previous launches (down to the very last minute)! She was a mathematical prodigy, who solved what others could not. She and two other women (Dorothy Vaughn & Mary Jackson), in a time when no one talked about African-American women working at such a place as NASA,

boldly went where no woman had gone before. 

Find out how it all went down
when NASA got our first astronaut launched into space.

It is in theatres January 6th, 2017,

 Hidden Figures movie review: www.LaurieVermillion.com

The World Movie Premiere
was held at Fox Studios
in Hollywood, CA on November 13th, 2016

The movie is fantastic, engaging, exciting, and surprising!

Kevin Costner 
plays Al Harrison, the head of the NASA space program.

Octavia Spencer
plays Dorothy Vaughn

Janelle Monae
plays Mary Jackson
(pictured by the car that the three women drive to work)

Jim Parsons
plays Paul Stafford

Tajajil P. Henson
plays Katherine G. Johnson, the mathematical prodigy

Kirstin Dunst
plays Vivian Michael,
the women's offensive boss

Glenn Powell
plays astronaut John Glenn

Hidden Figures Movie Review
Laurie Vermillion
www. LaurieVermillion.com

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