Thursday, November 17, 2016


Shake Shack
15030 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
5.0 star rating

Shake Shack has excellent burgers, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, crinkle fries, and of course amazing shakes. (The Salted Caramel Shake is extremely sweet to me, though, and I am a person who can drink 3 Dr. Peppers in a row with no problem, and for you Dr. Pepper lovers, YES, they do serve it.) For dessert or a "shopping break," they have Concretes with mix-ins, and Frozen Custard cups or cones. Each location has their own special one, but at this location the Kierland Concrete is fantastic; it has all of the S'mores ingredients. They also have their own brand of draft beer "ale" & their own brand of red, white, or sparkling wine. (See photo of menu). The restaurant is immaculately clean with an open view of the kitchen behind the counter (where you place your order and receive a pager/beeper to notify you when your freshly made food is ready, however the service is very efficient). This comes in handy if you have chosen a table outside, which is a dog friendly area, and also has a ping pong table. (See photo.) They even offer 2 options on the menu for dogs. Another thing that sets them apart is that a friendly staff member, cleaning the tables with sanitized, disposable towelettes (See photo.), checks to see if everything is to your liking or if, for example, you would like a water (which I recommend with the shakes).
Excellent Food, Service & Staff
Cleanliness: A+ rating
Unique or Special: yes
Casual: very
Dog Friendly: yes
Parking: limited (however, parking lot nearby)
Outdoor Area: great view, great for photo watching