Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Art of Ice Cream Experience

the pop up
in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ

My photos (and we took a hundred of them) describe the details perfectly. It's all about having a fun time with friends or family of any age, taking unique photos that are great for posting, and goofing around with a few activities. They also give you treats for (as they say) a 5D experience.

When we entered the building and gave them our tickets (that we purchased on-line for $25. and printed out) they had Bonbons on a tray for the five of us. They were delicious, perfectly frozen vanilla ice cream, crispy not melty milk chocolate coated, Bonbons. Then we entered through a big "Freezer" door. (No, it's not actually freezing, haha.) We were the only ones going through each room, at our own pace. (When you order tickets, you'll notice that you pick a time slot.) The first room had a little boxing ring with "ice cream cone" boxing gloves (see the mini video clip that we took), so this event is as fun as you and your friends make it. There were other active "video ops" later, like bowling with stuffed "ice cream" balls & shooting them into a basketball hoop. 

There were also rooms where we took pictures in a big banana split holding the cherry, leaning up against a milkshake, sitting under a painting of a melting popsicle, under ice cream umbrellas in lawn chairs with flamingos or in a big "milkshake queen's" chair, so it's about being as creative and wild as you want. 

As I said, there were treats, as well. When we were in the room with the wall art of old fashioned milk shake machines and a giant milk shake for photo ops, they brought out a tray of mini shakes for us (about the size of Dixie cups with the little sample spoons that ice cream stores use). I had read some of the negative reviews that said that the samples were so small, but they were all the perfect size, because if they were bigger we wouldn't have been able to move on to the next room with our hands free to take photos again. The popsicles (with the popsicle art) were the "Otter pop" type, and at the end (with the ice cream cone art), there was a little ice cream shop counter with chocolate, salted caramel, or vanilla ice cream or strawberry sorbet where we chose a full size cone or cup to enjoy as we went outside and talked about how fun it was. I chose a cone of the strawberry sorbet, and it was fantastic! The exit is just like walking out of a "walk-in" restaurant freezer, with the wide strips of thick plastic hanging down that you walk through. I thought that everything was very creative for a pop up.

The rooms are small, there are two floors, and you could walk right through in 15", but the point is to take your time, have fun, take plenty of photos, enjoy the treats, and have a good time with who you're with. It's as fun as you make it, and we had a great time (as you can see in all of my pics and video clips).

Banana Boat, Bowling, Boxing & Bonbons
at the Art of Ice Cream Experience

(You can see more photos on my review on Yelp.)