Saturday, February 23, 2019


30" meal
'No pans or trays to clean;
only 1 bowl and cutting board.

If you think that you don't like seafood or salmon,
think again.
This dinner with AMAZE & make you feel fantastic!


Salmon filet with Thyme, Rosemary, Garlic & Lemon (crushed red peppers optional)*

Sliced Zucchini with Julienne Red Bell Peppers 

Crisped Roasted Broccoli Florets with Crushed Red Pepper

baked salmon in aluminum foil with herbs, garlic, lemon & seasoning

*(shown with Parchment Paper, Aluminum Foil, Skin-on, and Skinless options)

3 Baking Sheets
Aluminum Foil or Parchment Paper

Fresh 1" Salmon Filet(s)
Olive Oil
Garlic: (approx. 1 clove per filet)
Lemon(s) (approx. 3 small slices per filet or 2 large slices)
Fresh Rosemary
Fresh Thyme

Fresh Broccoli (5 - 7 florets per person)
1 Zucchini (per 3 - 4 people)
1 Red Bell Pepper (per 2-3 people)

Red Chili Flakes
Kosher Salt/Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper 

Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220  degrees C)
Make sure that oven has reached temp. before baking.

For the Vegetable Sides:

Line 2 baking sheets with aluminum foil.

Wash zucchini and red bell pepper and dry firmly with paper towels (to remove the wax that grocery stores apply).

Cut Zucchini into 1/4" slices at a diagonal (skin-on)
Julienne the Red Bell Pepper
Toss zucchini slices with olive oil, salt, and pepper (by hand in a medium-size mixing bowl).
Place zucchini slices (without touching each other) on one side of the first baking sheet.

Place the red bell pepper strips on the other side of the same baking sheet.
You will want to eat them together, but not bake them on top of one another (for proper baking textures of each and more vivid flavors). 

Cut Broccoli into large bite-size pieces. Sliced in half with flat cut bottoms browns the best.
(See video.) Rinse, & pat dry well with paper towels.
In the same bowl, coat broccoli florets with olive oil, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper, and spread out evenly on the second baking sheet (flat cuts down).

Bake on individual oven racks for approximately 20" until the broccoli florets are brown and crispy in most areas. The zucchini slices and red bell pepper stips should be soft (al dente to soft, but not mushy).

For the Salmon:

Gently rinse salmon filets under a slow stream of water, so as not to splash bacteria, and to rinse the silver skin particles off of the skinless side or other particles. (Some chefs say not to rinse, but I side with those who say to do it this way for the above reasons.)
Wash hands well, each time you handle the fish.

On your work surface, place a large piece of aluminum foil (which seals best) or parchment paper (See video.) for each salmon filet.

Place each individually (skin side down)** on each piece of foil.

Top each with salt, freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of red chili flakes, 1 clove of minced garlic, 3 small lemon slices or 2 large slices, a squeeze of lemon (approx. 1/4t), 1 sprig of rosemary & 3 sprigs of thyme.

Seal with aluminum foil or parchment paper. (See video for how & comparison when done.)

Bake one inch salmon filets for approximately 12 minutes.
Carefully (because very hot steam comes out) unwrap one filet and check for doneness.
They should have become pink, opaque, 145 degrees F in the center, and be flakey but not dry.

Serve salmon and the side vegetables together on the same plate.
See the plating in the video.
You can add a lemon on each plate, however, your guest may automatically squeeze the lemon on their salmon before tasting, and the salmon is PERFECT and BEST as is!

**Most information that you will read states that you should not remove the skin or the salmon will be dry, due to the fatty layer that the skin provides.
However, I will show you in my video, not only HOW to filet and remove the skin flawlessly but also that the piece of salmon baked this way comes out just as juicy and perfectly cooked as the other 2 skin-on filets.

If you do leave the skin on, serve it skin side down (with the lemon slices and herbs still on the top.) They are not to be eaten, however, they will keep the moisture in until removed by you or your guest, and without them, both sides of the salmon will look unpleasant.  Flake the salmon from the skin with each bite.

*My video shows you the side by side comparison of:
~ aluminum foil wrapped, skinless
~ parchment wrapped, skin-on
~ aluminum foil wrapped, skin-on