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Best CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP (easy & traditional)

Perfect Chicken Noodle Soup

 'So Simple & Delicious, you'll Never Buy it again!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Makes 8 Cups.
 (4 servings)


1 pound of Chicken Tenders* (or 2 chicken breasts) to yield approximately 3 cups chopped

4 T Butter

1 Cup chopped Carrots (3 Large Peeled Carrots) The thinner the slices, the quicker they will cook.

1/2 Cup chopped Celery (2 Ribs)

1/2 Cup diced Onion (approx. 1/2 Medium Onion)

2 (32oz.) boxes of Chicken Broth (Salted)

1/2 teaspoon finely minced Garlic

1/8 Cup FRESH chopped Parsley 

1/2 teaspoon Italian Seasoning

2 Bay Leaves (optional)

1/8th teaspoon Pepper

Salt (Taste near the end to determine if it is necessary to bring out more flavor.

4 Cups dry egg noodles (8 ounces) 

*Chicken Tenders (which are the most tender section of a chicken breast)
can be cooked in approximately 2-3" on each side (keeping covered). 
This is the quickest method.
Take the internal temperature by inserting an instant thermometer
into the thick center of only 1 or 2 pieces, so as not to lose the juices. 
Remove the pieces of chicken when the internal temperature is 160 degrees Fahrenheit, put them onto a plate covered with a bowl. They will increase in temperature to 165F and the juices will redistribute within 5". 


1.) Melt 4 Tablespoons of butter over MEDIUM heat in a stockpot (large pot with lid).

2.) * LIGHTLY "brown" the chicken pieces in the butter for approximately 3" on each side (just enough to seal in the juices, but not enough to actually "brown" the pieces). Keep the lid on the pot (in-between turning) This will keep the chicken from becoming dry inside or tough on the outside.

3.) Insert an instant thermometer diagonally into the center of one or two of the largest pieces of chicken. REMOVE when they are 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will rise as the chicken rests. Therefore, remove the pieces to a CUTTING BOARD and COVER with a bowl or foil.  Allow the chicken to rest at least 5 minutes. This will allow the juices inside of the chicken to redistribute before chopping or shredding.

4.) In the same stockpot, add the "MIRPOIX" (onion, carrots, celery) to the "butter, drippings and juices," and sauteé for just a minute until translucent (no longer raw).

5.) Add the minced garlic and sauté with the onions for another 30 seconds. Make sure it doesn't brown.

6.) Add both containers of Broth, the Pepper, Parsley, Carrots & Celery, turn the burner to Med-High and COVER while you shred or chop the chicken.

7.) Using 2 forks, shred the chicken into bite-size, tender pieces or chop (into the size that you enjoy when it's on your spoon).

8.) Add 3 Cups of the shredded or chopped Chicken to the soup and cover.

9.) Once the soup is boiling, add the 3 cups of noodles, and leave the lid off. 

Remove the Bay Leaves.
TASTE to determine if you want to intensify the flavor with a pinch of salt.
Check the noodles often to make sure that they do not overcook.

(Between step 8 & 9): You may keep the soup simmering (on low) with the lid on, as long as the carrots do not become overcooked and mushy. However, do not add the noodles until 5 to 6" before serving. 

The cook time for the noodles is approximate & depends upon the noodles that you use. 

See the video below for 
Chicken & Dumplings using Bisquick.
Add the noodles instead of the Bisquick dumplings. 

Chicken & Dumplings using Bisquik              YouTube Laurie Vermilllion

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